What's Wrong Lupe: Lupe Fiasco Gets The Boot Out of Obama Pre-Inauguration Event

As we celebrate President Obama being sworn into office for a 2nd term, someone else was giving a different message over the weekend.

Apparently Lupe Fiasco, who has been known to speak down on the acts of Obama and the government(sidenote: whoever booked him must not be in the internet or pay attention to Lupe at all.), performed a 30 min set before being asked to end his performance at a pre-inauguration event. At the same time, come on Lupe. Be a real man and just perform. That's why certain people don't want to deal with your ass.

  • Miles

    But of course if Lupe was speaking out against Bush at his inaguration, everyone would be posting this about how great it was. If someone should have their own opinion and, God forbid, express it in a way that speaks out against a failure of a president, everyone has to say it’s the worst thing ever. Give me a break.