Who is Jean Deaux? Chicago’s next big thing

jean d

Written by Persiah A.

“Who is Jean Deaux?” Jean Deaux is a hip hop diamond in the rough. The soulful teenager from Chicago, IL is more than a pretty face gimmick. Jean Deaux’s music is an expansionary subgenre that infuses Amy Winehouse singing and Missy Elliot‘s innovative rhyme pattern. She is the first lady of The Village, a musical group consisting of young talented Chicago teens, most notable is The Village member Kembe X. Recently she was acknowledged by popular Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bada$$, giving her a small buzz in New York.

On songs like “Black Planet”, one of her most popular tracks, Deaux displays her ability to sing and rap with assistance from artist Calez. However, her creative drive does not stop at rapping or singing. She is also a director. Deaux was responsible for directing the video for her song “Escape” featuring Saba. According to jean Deaux’s manager, she has been working tirelessly on her debubt project “Soular System”, which has no release date, but is “dropping soon.”

Want to reach Jean Deaux? Check her out on Twitter @ThatsJeanDeaux

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