Witness DS Kinsel’s “A Black Man Made This Art” Exhibit In 3 Locations This Month


DS Kinsel has been a busy artist and this month he’ll show his latest presentation in 3 locations in Pittsburgh. His “Hashtags Are The New Protest Signs” presentation has been seen nationwide, he was called upon earlier this year to be apart of an art exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum, was also apart of a award winning group that created “If I die I’m A Legend” for the Fringe Festival. Not to mention last year he was in Providence last year and Sedona, Arizona this year for residencies with a 3rd coming up in October.

Check out the description from the artist himself of his upcoming exhibit:

“A Black Man Made This Art” explores oppressive vocabulary and the role of the oppressed in claiming ownership of culturally offensive language. Rooted in the spirit of agitational propaganda, artist DS Kinsel presents a mixed media, text based show focusing on the action of re-appropriating racially charged epithets and traditional imagery of Americana. Challenging, provocative, vivid typography, and images of confronted patriotism are expressed through digital and physical media.

View the schedule for the exhibit below and RSVP HERE:

ImageBox | 9.2.16 | 4933 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Future Tenant | 9.9.16 & 9.23.16 | 819 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Braddock Library | 9.28.16 | 419 Library St, Braddock, PA

Written by Thomas Agnew